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Bek's Stitches

Enamel Floss Skein Needle Minder - Embroidery Accesory

Enamel Floss Skein Needle Minder - Embroidery Accesory

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Keep track of your needle by using a magnetic needle minder. The front of the design goes on your working project, as the back attaches via magnet. Your needle stays attaches to the front when you’re not using it.
Original design by Bek’s Stitches, made into a soft enamel minder.
Measure at approx. 1.25” x .75”

Flawed needle minders are sold for a discounted price (free US shipping), and may contain larger paint mistakes/bleeding, small chips, etc. but are in perfect working condition! Please note that the style my vary due to a switch in manufacturers. The overall design will be the same.



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