About Me

Hello! I am Rebekah Marshall, the artist and shop-owner behind Bek’s Stitches!

I design, create, and photograph all of my work that you’ll find here and on Instagram. I am the woman running the social media pages, this website, and most of the other behind-the-scenes things. My mom, Regina, is the best assistant, and helps with shipping and is in charge of all things "fabric".

I began embroidering in 2019 when I was looking for a hobby after a rough season in life. However, my Instagram took off, and it quickly turned into a part-time business while I was finishing school and working another part-time job. In 2020, I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Human Services. I now work full-time during the day as a caseworker, while putting the rest of my love and energy into this business on the evenings and weekends. I’ve had some amazing opportunities so far, including features with Martha Stewart LivingGood Housekeeping, and Labores del Hogar! My very first embroidery book is in the works and will be publishing soon.

I love to embroider all things cutesy, floral, and fun!

Most of my original hoops are sold on my website. I also turn these designs into downloadable patterns, so that you can make them too! I’ve also found a very new love for digital art, which can be found in stickers, and made into other products such as needle minders and stick and stitch packs. This business is a huge passion of mine, and I hope to expand it more and more as the months go on.

 My goal is to spark real joy and inspiration in the hearts, hands, and minds of my followers and customers.

Whether you’re shopping for an original embroidered piece, a pattern to stitch yourself, or any of the other products I offer, I hope it sparks joy in your life and brightens your day just a bit. Thank you so much for stopping in and reading about me and what my business has become! 

Contact me: Please feel free to send me an email directly at beksstitches@gmail.com, or use the submission form on the "Contact Me" page. You may also send me a direct message on my Instagram, @beksstitches